How it Started

Starting at the age of 8 directing the lines in the walls of his bedroom pretending it was his choir, to directing and singing for thousands of people on stage. Latonius Jermaine Earl otherwise known as Latonius for short learned early that he had a gift.  A gift that would one day change the lives of many. Little did he that he would have to go through many things in order to understand the minds and hearts of people that are struggling, hurt, confused, lonely, frustrated, and lost.
At 14 Latonius starting directing the choir at his church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At 16 he was already traveling around the USA competing in music competitions, singing for congress members, and had already performed for his biggest crowd yet of 23,000. Latonius knew that music was what he wanted to do with his life. Teaching choirs was something that seemed somewhat natural for him.
Latonius studied as a vocal major for 4 years at Milwaukee High School of the Arts under the tutelage of Raymond JD Roberts. Roberts made sure that his gift was under careful supervision. Studying Classical and Jazz which would both help him with different techniques and become well rounded as an upcoming artist. Latonius watched Roberts every move of teaching and directing even though different, Roberts had a way capturing his students and making them want to learn more and more. After Graduation Latonius furthered his studies at the University of Northern Iowa taking full on Vocal Performance as a major.
In 2002 Latonius moved to New York where he had his 1st opportunity to audition to sing in Europe for the Black Gospel Singers winter tour. In 2003 It was in Germany that he met director and coach Dwight Robson which confirmed Latonius´s gift for teaching and directing and opened the European door in where every year Latonius was back performing and helping instruct the choirs for the tour.
In 2011 Latonius had enough of living in the USA and received a call about retuning permanently to Hamburg Germany to take over an existing choir because the current director was moving back to the USA. Latonius believed this was Heaven sent because this was the place that he felt free and most of all at home. This is when Latonius decided to start making Gospel workshops for all people in Europe. Ït gave me the opportunity to share all the things I had learned over the years and apply singing gospel music for all people vs Gospel music only for Christians or Church people¨ says Latonius
In Europe People wanted a gospel experience but thought that singing Oh Happy Day would bring true Gospel into their hearts. I had a different thought and plan. Because I knew that true Gospel music allows people to change, feel, and open their hearts. It´s freedom! Freedom for all people! Despite Nationality, Religion, Sexual Orientation, or Preference. The Gospel music I wanted to bring to Europe was Free to and for all. Because God´s message of Love was welcome to all people.
If you would like to experience Music, Inspiration and Motivation in a way that can change your life, then book Latonius for a workshop. Latonius is taking the workshops over the world.
Are you ready?
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